Contractors & Experts in Driveways Based in Newry

What do we offer at Morlea Ltd?

Morlea Ltd is in the business of laying bitmac and asphalt products. When a customer rings looking for a quotation for the job to be carried out, I, Patrick Morgan, will go out in person to meet my customers so the customer knows who exactly they are dealing with.

tarmac driveway

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

I will give my customers no nonsense advice and pricing for the completion of the job required, for our pricing is based on doing a quality job. With this company we do not believe in competing with gangsters and cowboys. So if it’s one of these companies you require for the cheapest price, we may not be it. Remember, they are only interested in themselves, not you!

Giving you honest, professional advice

With our company we will be happy to quote for all jobs. Some companies will not go out to view jobs that they believe are too small. With our company, we go out to view all jobs and do not pick and choose from the smallest to the largest. If I feel the job is too large I will be happy to recommend a company which will complete a quality job at a competitive price.


If you are looking for asphalt contractors and Driveways in Newry, call Morlea Ltd